Henna Hair Color

Henna hair color has the capability of being able to come in a range of different colors. While still being an all natural product that is made from leaves and different plants. Offering a different solution when it comes to changing the color of your hair. Without the added chemicals that normally go along with that change. Henna can be purchased at hair product stores and many drug stores.

The product contains Lawsonia leaf which produces red color, Indigoferae leaf which produces the darker shades. Also using Cassia auriculata to condition the hair as the color is applied. All of the natural ingredients work together to give you the hair color that is wanted.

Is is considered a natural choice for red hair and can also enhance all other different colors. The advantage of using this type of coloring is that is still has the benefit of providing a rich and healthy shine without damage. But when using it is important to remember that the product does have the ability to stain skin and nails.

Working as a paste which allows the color to be semi-permanent dye. The paste is formed by adding hot water with the henna. When used properly there is no need for peroxide or ammonia to activate the coloring process. There is no need to apply heat if you do not want to. The only thing that heat aids in is the ability to enhance red tones

Before coloring you should always preform a strand test. This will help in the ability to accomplish the color that is intended. This in return will give you the time period that is needed to be able to achieve the color that is wanted. When the right color has been accomplished, then it is safe to actually perform the process on all of the hair.

Henna hair color can be removed if you receive a color that was not intended. There are several process that can be done, but this should be done within 24 hours. From using crystal light to even baking soda and molasses, depending on your hair color.