Hair Color Ideas

When it comes to hair color ideas, there are many different types to chose from. If you are considering the idea, it is important to find a color that not only compliments the length of the hair but also facial features along with skin tones. There are four main color shades that are available. The colors are brunette, blonde, red and dark. Although there are many different colors that you may be able to find.

If you are trying to achieve a more energetic look than a shade of blonde might be the one you are looking for. This color has the ability to work well with many different types of skin tones and hair lengths. It has been considered a favorite color. But the down fall is that blonde colors have the ability to fade very easily. There are many ways to have the color always looking vibrant but requires a lot of maintaining.

Another shade that is considered to be one of the most versatile colors is brunette. With many different shades to chose from makes it just almost perfect no matter what your skin tone may be. This color has the ability to compliment and bring out your favorite facial features. Normal maintenance is required as with any coloring product.

One of the hardest colors to pull off when it comes to hair is red. If the hair is not a natural shade of red it can be hard to accomplish the right shade for you. But the advantage of having red hair is that it seems to compliment any type of hair style, long as the hair is a medium to long length. This color seems to fade faster than others.

The final shade of color would be the darker ones. These colors seem to stand out more than others. Considered to be great for med and darker skin tones, and also can bring appeal to certain facial features. The key to maintaining darker colors is keeping the hair shinny and healthy.

Whether you are going for a permanent color or a semi-permanent you will be able to not only change your look but your whole appearance as well.